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We were all beginners once, and here at Willards we understand that so its a great place to come for advice on starting up! We can talk you through all of your options and help you to understand what you need to become a good shooter.

The key for the staff at Willards is to provide the customer with the correct product to do the job he wants, this could be target shooting in competitions to just tin can plinking in the back garden. Whatever the reason for starting up we are here to guide you through the process, right from the purchase of your air-weapon through the servicing and even onto a part-ex on a newer model.

Tim has successfully taught both his sons to shoot to a high standard and his youngest son still carries this on today with his own rifle from the shop, he understands the pitfalls and problems that come with guiding the younger shooters to success, please don’t hesitate pop in speak to Tim or Sean in the Gun Room and see how we can help!

We look forward to seeing you,